After Marina confrontation, Bolsonaro abandons TV debates

Following his performance on Band and RedeTV televised Presidential debates, fascist candidate Jair Bolsonaro has decided to abandon participation in the further seven before Brazilians go to the polls on October 7th. If he does participate in one, it will be the exception, his campaign have said.

Bolsonaro has so far performed poorly alongside his competitors, and has faced criticism for his failure to articulate a Governmental programme. The RedeTV debate was marked by a confrontation between Extreme-Right Bolsonaro and centrist former Environmental campaigner and minister under Lula, Marina Silva.

In the exchange, a visibly uncomfortable Bolsonaro was challenged by Silva for his record on Women’s rights. He responded by saying that he supports Women’s rights to firearms and chemical castration for rapists.

In 2017 Bolsonaro was forced to pay damages for remarking to Federal Deputy Maria do Rosario that “she didn’t deserve his rape” because she was “very ugly”. He also remarked that year that he had been weak by conceiving a Daughter with his Wife and not another Son.

Silva accused him of dismissing the issue, and pointed out the special protection against discrimination that Women have in Brasil’s constitution.

In the earlier debate on Band he had been the target of aggressive questioning from PSOL’s Guilherme Boulos.

Steve Bannon has reportedly been advising the campaign, and the candidate met with Wall Street figures on a controversial trip to the United States in 2017. Bolsonaro’s rhetoric since has turned towards a minimal state, pro-market, pro-privatisation position, though he has admitted he does not understand economics.

Bolsonaro (PSL) currently polling on 19% of voting intentions, in second place 20 points behind former President Lula (PT) on 39%, according to DataFolha.

Leading candidate Lula, and his vice/substitute Fernando Haddad, and PCdoB’s Manuela D’Ávila, now on a joint ticket, have so far been excluded from the TV debates.

Schedule of remaining Presidential Debates:

27/8 (18:40) – Jovem Pan & Fórum Liberdade

9/7 (19:30) – TV Gazeta & Estadão

18/7 (10:00) – Poder360, piauí e Youtube

20/7 (21:30) – TV Aparecida

26/7 (18:00) – SBT, Folha & UOL

30/7 (22:00) – TV Record

4/8 – Rede Globo