News, analysis, culture, documentary and discourse on Brasil, in English, since 2014.

BRASILWIRE does not receive any funding, advertising or otherwise, from corporations, think-tanks, philanthropic foundations or political parties – it is completely independent.

It does however accept Patreon donations to help support the project. Please consider donating to keep us on the air.

Since its foundation in August 2014, BRASILWIRE has worked in partnership with platforms and organisations such as Survival International, Le Monde Diplomatique, Progressive International, Al Jazeera, Revista Fórum, The Michael Brooks Show, FAIR, Counterpunch, Tribune, Outras Palavras, TeleSUR, Brasil de Fato, COHA, NACLA, This is Hell!, New Socialist, UpsideDownWorld and Alborada.

We generally support all progressive Brazilian political parties. We also work in solidarity with social movements such as the MST, CMP, FLM, UNMP, MTST and MNLM, and the Brazilian labor unions and labor union federations such as CUT, CTB, UGT and CONLUTAS. We support feminism, LGBTQ, Indigenous, Afro-Brazilian, minority and immigrant rights.

We also support and cooperate with the Brazil Solidarity Initiative, Defend Democracy in Brazil, BRADO NYC, and other international solidarity organisations.

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