Video: MTST and MST unite behind Lula

Video: MTST and MST unite behind Lula

Unions and Social Movements Lead March of 100,000 in São Paulo

On the day of former President Lula’s appeal hearing, which upheld a sentence that is widely considered to be politically motivated, leaders Gilmar Mouro of the MST landless rural workers movement, and Guilherme Boulos, of the MTST homeless workers movement and popular front Povo Sem Medo, delivered impassioned speeches in his defence to tens of thousands of assembled social movement militants in São Paulo’s Praça Republica, which then transformed into a defiant march to Avenida Paulista. Both social movements propose a campaign of civil disobedience to restore Brazil’s democracy and reverse the attacks on ordinary Brazilians’ rights that have occurred under Temer’s post-coup government.

The full speeches are English subtitled in the video below.

MTST and MST unite behind Lula from Brasil Wire on Vimeo.

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