Fernando Horta: Lula is “Plan O”

By Fernando Horta.

Plan A was for us to pressure the coup-mongers in 2013, investigating who was financing the Movimento Brasil Livre, Vem para Rua and other proto-fascist groups and stopping things there.

Plan B was for the Supreme Court to order Eduardo Cunha’s arrest the first time it was requested and immediately stop the impeachment blackmail.

Plan C was to invade that flea pit that some people call Congress and yank out each Congressman who justified his vote with “For God and family”.

Plan D was to surround the Senate and make each one of them leave while reciting the Brazilian Constitution, to see if they knew it.

Plan E was to have general elections for the legislative and executive branches when the coup was pushed through (if you call it an impeachment you are part of the problem).

Plan F was to keep Supreme Court Justice Teori alive so he could remove judge Sergio Moro from the Lava Jato investigation due to the various crimes (with proof) that he committed.

Plan G was to destroy Brasilia and send the Semi-President into exile in Saudi Arabia, sending him off from the port of Santos in a row boat.

Plan H was to have a 7 day general strike, increasing it by 7 more if Congress voted to end labor rights.  And to freeze all of the votes of those scumbags.

Plan I was to have nationalist military officers revolt over the handing of the Pre-Salt Petroleum reserves to foreign corporations, the imprisonment of top nuclear scientist Almirante Othon, selling land to foreigners in the Amazon, destruction of strategic military projects and handing the Alcantara rocket launching base over to the Americans. The would remind us of the great Marechal Henrique Texeira Lott….

Plan J was for us to invade Congress and force every congressman to vote in favor of the corruption accusations against the Semi-President.

Plan L was to shut down all the roads, electrical grid and water supply in Brazil until the Congress and Senate punished every politician who was FILMED receiving suitcases of money.

Plan M was to show the Supreme Court of Justice Carminha, in the pocket if big business, that Judges also have to obey the laws and the Constitution (not the Bible, can you hear this Judge Bretas ?).

Plan N was to invade the TRF-4 Court in Porto Alegre and remove those three judges with our fists and send them back to undergraduate school with their piggish decisions and arguments.

Lula is Plan O, for Operario (worker).

It’s what we have left. And there are still people wanting an alternative?


Fernando Hortahttp://brasilia.academia.edu/FernandoHorta
PhD in History of International Relations at the University of Brasília (UNB). Denver University Visiting Scholar.



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