Lula: US suppression of Brazil’s sovereignty “is not a theory, it is a fact”

In an interview on Brasil 247 on the morning of 11th of August, former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva gave one of his strongest denunciations yet of United States interference in his country, and the suppression of its sovereignty.

I asked the former president several questions, the following excerpt will be of particular interest to those observing Brazil from outside:

Nathalia Urban: “Now that the FBI’s participation in Lava Jato has become clear, would it be the moment for the Brazilian left to speak again about imperialism?”

Lula: “I am not in the habit of saying the word imperialism, because of my political background. I think the FBI, CIA and the American government only don’t try to topple a government in their own country.

The Americans never allowed Brazil to stop being a colony. The Americans will never accept the role of the Brazil as a protagonist.

I got along with Bush, with Obama, but even so Obama spied on Dilma, and it was after that Obama ordered the invasion of Libya.

Brazil is treated as a colony, and we have to be an independent country, and there is no example of concrete help from the Americans in the country. Their help is always a coup attempt.

My government tried in several ways to diminish the power of the USA in the region, I tried an agreement with Argentina to use the peso and the real in transactions between us, because it doesn’t make sense to depend on the dollar. The Americans did not ask the world to impose the dollar, they simply did.

They never accepted our dominance over the pre-sal (offshore oil reserves), they set their fourth fleet to work every day on top of our pre-sal.

To answer the fourth fleet we created the defense council of South America, to try to involve all armies in one place. Brazil managed to elect the director of WHO, the director of FAU, all of this thanks to the support of Latin and African countries.

Brazil was getting too big, too important, so I think there was interference.

In the case of Lava-Jato, it is already proven, we have documents, evidence, videos of them applauding when Moro decreed my arrest, because Lava Jato was designed to destroy the productive system of the country.”