Greenwald accuses Lava Jato judge of terrorism

On Twitter, Glenn Greenwald accused former Lava Jato judge and current Justice Minister Sérgio Moro of practicing terrorism, after he issued a ministerial decree that could be used to deport the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald accused far right President Jair Bolsonaro’s Minister of Justice and Public Security, Sérgio Moro, of practicing terrorism for issuing a ministerial decree regulating “the entry, repatriation, summary deportation, reduction or cancellation of the period of stay of a person dangerous to the security of Brazil or a person who has committed an act contrary to the principles and objectives set forth in the Federal Constitution “.

“Today Sergio Moro has decided to randomly publish a law on how foreigners can be summarily deported or expelled from Brazil ‘who have committed an act contrary to the principles and objectives set out in the Federal Constitution.’ This is terrorism,” Greenwald wrote on Twitter.

The Intercept  has disclosed a series of irregularities committed by the Operation Lava Jato task-force. While serving as judge, Moro overstepped his duties by suggesting, for example, additional information on the production of evidence against a defendant; questioning the capacity of a prosecutor who was scheduled to question former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva; and negotiating plea bargain deals.


This article, from Brasil 247, was translated by Brian Mier and can be seen in Portuguese here.