Bernardet: “We are watching the systematic dismantling of an emerging power”

By Jean-Claude Bernardet

A programmed decay.

The BRICS are unacceptable. The BRICS Bank, which operates with various currencies, including the dollar, is unacceptable. A support fund (like an IMF for emergent nations) is unacceptable.

We are watching the systematic dismantling of an emerging power.

The shipping industry is no longer competitive. Petrobras has been dismantled. The multinational businesses have been taken apart. Now it’s the meat industry’s turn.

Siemens and Alstrom are full of corrupt elements but it never entered the minds of the German, Swiss or French judiciary to destroy those companies. Henrique Meirelles, Pedro Parente, Sergio Moro and the Federal Police are internal agents in this successful operation. Michel Temer and his his band of ministers and congressmen who support him are necessary circumstances for the successful undertaking of the operation but are merely local factors.

Brasil should be a grain exporter and an importer of aggregated value (and for this comes the need to dismantle the education system and all forms of research). Society’s money (sparing the rich) should be drained to pay the interest on debt and enrich the banks.

There. I’ve said it.

Translated with permission from Outras Palavras.




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