8 Essential Brazilian Post-Punk Tracks

Bruno Verner is a musician, poet & independent curator best known for his work with Brazilian tropical punk funk art duo Tetine which he formed with Eliete Mejorado in São Paulo in 1995.

With Tetine, he has created a multitude of music & performance works from the spoken word to electronica, including ritualistic performances, sound installations, film & video & curatorial projects. 

His music has been released on labels such as Soul Jazz Records Mr Bongo / Bizarre Music  Sulphur Records / Slum Dunk Music – including a collaboration with acclaimed French artist Sophie Calle (for a full discography see 

He has also been instrumental in bringing the Brazilian underground music/art scene to the attention of the UK for a number of years. He compiled, presented & mixed the first album of Baile Funk  produced outside of Brazil Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca,  released on Mr Bongo Records in 2004) as well as an essential primer to early-80s Post-Punk from São Paulo, the influential The Sexual Life of The Savages, released on Soul Jazz Records in 2005). 

Verner was also an active member of Belo Horizonte‘s post punk & industrial scene from the 80’s, having played alongside pioneering local post punk acts such as R. Mutt, Divergência SocialistaIda & e Os VoltasO Grito Mudo Albania Berg – over a period spanning from 1984- 1990. His early work is compiled in limited cassette tapes & compilations such as Lilith Lunaire by Divergência SocialistaR. Mutt (R. Mutt), Mulata Urbana (O Grito Mudo), Jovens Raptados (Ida & Os Voltas) ‘Substancia’ – (Marcelo Dolabela & Divergência Socialista). 

Verner’s early tracks with Divergência Socialista, Tetine and O Grito Mudo are also included in the compilation Uncorrupted Tropical Wave, 1983 – 2011 (Slum Dunk Music 2011). Bruno has also been running the Slum Dunk radio show on Resonance Fm 104.4 – since the station’s inception in 2003.

27th November – Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado in conversation with Gavin Butt as part of POST PUNK THEN & NOW – a series of lectures, in-conversations and film screenings exploring post-punk’s popular modernist search for the new in the very broadest of contexts.


Richard Hoggart Building (RHB) 309 


8 Essential Brazilian Post-Punk Tracks selected by Bruno Verner

Black Future – Teatro do Horror  

“Tantao & Marcio Bandeira at their best”

Gang 90 & As Absurdettes – Jack Kerouac 

“I wouldn’t let this one out of any Brazilian postpunk list. Classic Julio Barroso with those delicious Alice Pink Punk harmonies.”

Divergencia Socialista – Aqui & Aqui 

“Marginal poetry, DADA post punk & electronica from Belo Horizonte.”

Chance – Samba do Morro 

“In my humble opinion the best dark samba produced in Brasil in the 80’s. Beautiful, dark & effortlessly sexy.”

May East – Twilight Zone 

“Synth pop florestal, futurism in the jungle!”

Mercenarias – Loucos Sentimentos 

“My favourite from them. Rosalia’s delivery says it all.”

Sexo Explicito – A OBRA

“Brazilian punk funk at its best”

Arte No escuro – Beije Me cowboy 

“Beije Me Cowboy. Marielle’s beautiful, nostalgic, queer (Siouxie meets Killing Joke sexy goth hymn) from Brasilia.”