URGENT: A call for solidarity against forced evictions of MST camps in northern Brazil

URGENT: A call for solidarity against forced evictions of MST camps in northern Brazil


Dear Comrades

An aggressive attack is being waged against MST landless peasants in the northern state of Pará, Brazil.

Large-scale landowners along with local judicial authorities, mainstrain media and the Brazilian military police are targeting MST camps throughout the country.

2.000 peasant families living in 20 camps located in the northern State of Pará are under the risk of being violently evicted until the end of the year

On Monday (11) gunman attacked the Hugo Chavez camp. Seven heavily armed men – illegal “private security” hired by the landowners, shot against unarmed peasants, including women and children.

The judicial order for the eviction of the 300 families living at Higo Chavez camp was confirmed to be carried out by ther military police tomorrow (14). There are expected more violence, since the families are ready to resist.

The recent escalation of violence takes place as the Brazilian government continues to use regressive land ownership laws, which have resulted in devastating consequences to landless and displaced agricultural workers.

During the administration of the unelected Brazilian President Michel Temer, the MST has witnessed increased levels of state violence and criminalization against our members

In light of the escalating violence and repression, we are issuing a call of international solidarity!

Send a short video or statement in support and solidarity to the MST families in Pará to the email address: [email protected] and [email protected] !


Write to the official authorities condemning the evictions in Pará, and demanding the revision of the eviction order of Hugo Chavez Camp!

Send an email to the following addresses:

President of the court of justice – Ricardo Ferreira Nunes: presidê[email protected]
Secretary of State for Public Secutiry –  Jeannot Jansen da silva Filho: [email protected]
Secretary of the State of Pará – Jose Megale Filho: [email protected]
Agricultural Ombudsman’s Office – Rosi Maria Gomes de Farias: [email protected]
Agrarian Judge of Maraba – Amarildo Mazutti: [email protected]
National Agrarian ombudsman – Jorge Tadeu Jatoba: [email protected]

Copy: [email protected] and [email protected]

With your solidarity and the international pressure the 2.000 camped families of the state of Para hope to spend Christmas in their houses and lands.

MST National Board – International Relations Collective

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