Jean Wyllys – About spitting on a fascist…

As Dilma Rousseff’s legally dubious impeachment process moves forward Brasil will now go 20 days without a President. If her impeachment is voted through in the Senate, military dictatorship era São Paulo State prosecutor and  Operation Car Wash fraud suspect Michel Temer will become acting President. Eduardo Cunha leader of the ultra-conservative Evangelical Caucus and House Speaker will become acting Vice President. Cunha, who led the impeachment process, is a  defendant in Operation Car Wash, under investigation by the Swiss Government as part of the Swiss leaks scandal and implicated in the Panama Papers. On Sunday Congressman Jair Bolsonaro dedicated his vote in favor of impeachment to the military dictatorship colonel that tortured Dilma Rouseff when she was a political prisoner in the 1970s. Bolsonaro, who Glenn Greenwald calls  the most misogynistic, hateful elected official in the democratic world, followed his vote by yelling homophobic insults and lunging at LGBT rights activist and Congressman Jean Wyllys. Wyllys (PSOL-RJ) dodged Bolsonaro’s lunge and spit in his face. The next day he explained why.

About spitting on a fascist

By Jean Wyllys

After announcing my vote against Cunha, Temer and the conservative opposition’s Coup D’etat in Congress, Jair Bolsonaro, the fascist congressman and widow of the dictatorship insulted me. He yelled “Faggot, Ass burner, queer” and other homophobic offences and tried to violently grab my arm as I stepped away from the podium. I reacted by spitting on the fascist. I will not deny or be ashamed by this. It is the least that a congressman who “dedicated” his vote to military torturer Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra, ex-boss of the DOI-CODI army death squad during the military dictatorship, deserves. I will not shut up an will not permit this fascist, macho, homophobic scumbag to hurt or threaten me. He spits directly on the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans gender people. He spits on democracy every day. He uses physical violence against his colleagues in Congress- he called a congresswoman a tramp and threatened to rape her. He spits on human rights continually, on freedom and on the dignity of millions of people. I did not proudly come out of the closet to be quiet or afraid of this scoundrel.