“But It’s Better Than PT Robbery”: Bolsonaro Torture Sketch Viralises, 3 Years On

An October 2018 sketch in Folha newspaper by screenwriter Antonio Prata is viralising three years after it was published.

Putting aside what else is known about the manipulated election it preceded, ‘Obsessive-compulsive disorder. But it’s better than PT robbery’ was a tragicomic summary of a violent, manufactured anti-Workers Party hysteria which underpinned Bolsonaro’s vote – a milieu where torture, killing and the horrors of fascism were casually justified.

Many present in Brazil during the slow coup period will remember conversations similar to this one.

By Antonio Prata. Writer and screenwriter, author of “Nu, de Botas”.

— Bolsonaro said in an interview that he’d close Congress on the day he took office.

I’m against closing Congress. But it’s better than the PT’s robbery.

— He also said that he had to kill 30,000 for Brazil to work.

Ugly to kill thirty thousand. But it’s better than PT robbery.

— Here he says he prefers a dead son to a gay son.

Any child is better than a PT robber.

— His phrase doesn’t make much sense.

Better not to make much sense than PT robbery.

— Here he is saying that he is in favour of torture.

I’m against torture. But it’s better than PT robbery.

— Will it be? Here in 2018, he is saying that his bedside book is by Brilhante Ustra, the Colonel who took two children aged 5 and 4 by the hand to see their father and mother tortured in a room at DOI-Codi. The mother was naked and vomiting, tied to the dragon’s chair.

Better to take a child to see tortured parents than to see the PT robber.

— Quote from the tortured mother: ‘My daughter asked: ‘Mother, why did you turn blue and the father green?’ She continues: “My son still remembers the moment when I said ‘Edson’ and he looked at me and didn’t know I was his mother. I was disfigured”.

And what disfigured Brazil? The PT robbery!

— If you only talk about robbery… He had a fictional employee, paid with public money to feed his dogs, at a beach house in Angra dos Reis.

What is a fictional employee next to the PT robbery?

— He and his children, who dedicate themselves solely to politics, have 13 properties worth R$15 million reais. Isn’t that strange?

Much stranger is the PT robbery.

— In a single year, one of his sons spent R$40,000 in parliamentary funds on tickets to Rio Grande do Sul, where his girlfriend lived, and to Santa Catarina, where he has friends.

The important thing is to end the PT robbery. Everything but PT robbery!

— That’s not what the international media thinks. Look at this list of newspapers and magazines warning of the danger of this guy being elected. The Economist, New York Times, The Guardian, Deutsche Welle.

All communist media bought with PT robbery money.

— Why did the PT robbers buy all the international media and forget about Brazil’s, which continues to treat the guy as a normal candidate and a risk to democracy only equal to Haddad’s?

PT robber guerrilla tactics. The Brazilian media is like the Vietcong, hidden underground, disguised as a bush to attack by surprise at the end and guarantee a little piece of the PT’s robbery.

— Ok. But let’s assume just for a moment that the global press isn’t bought by the PT’s robbery money. Suppose they are right to point out the abyss he represents. Let’s assume he wins and puts into practice what he’s been saying he’s going to do since he started in politics. Let’s say he chases minorities or turns a blind eye to those who do. Let him censure. Torture. Kill.

The important thing is to put an end to PT robbery.

— What if you’re the one being tortured? You are in the dragon’s chair.

As long as I have my skull crushed, at least I won’t think about PT robbery.

— What if you get killed?

I will finally be free from the PT robbery.