82% of Brasilians reject Bolsonaro’s Amazon mining plan

82% of Brasilians reject Bolsonaro’s Amazon mining plan


Recent poll shows Bolsonaro government’s popularity continues to slide as scandals and unpopular policy measures damage credibility

São Paulo – According to a recent poll conducted by Atlas Politico most Brazilians strongly disapprove key policy decisions of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro such as his plan to authorize gold mining in national parks and Indigenous reservations in the Amazon rainforest.

82% of respondents oppose Bolsonaro’s promise to grant gold mining contracts for companies to operate in protected rainforest. 63% of those surveyed reject Bolsonaro’s appointment of his son, Eduardo, as US Ambassador. Other findings include:

Bolsonaro’s approval rating has fallen below his disapproval rating. The percentage of people who think the Bolsonaro government is “bad” or “terrible” has risen from 22.5% to 39.3% since February. The percentage who think the government is “good” or “great” fell from 39.7% to 31% during the same period.

Following the Intercept leaks which show criminal collusion between former Lava Jato judge Sérgio Moro, public prosecutors and at least 2 Supreme Court Justices, the percentage of Brazilians who view him negatively has climbed from 29.6% to 40.8%. Tho percentage of people who view him favorably has fallen from 61.5% to 51.4%.

Support for former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s imprisonment fell from 57.4% to 51.7%.

4 out of 5 surveyed said they knew about the leaked conversations between judge Moro and Lava Jato investigation prosecutors. 41.8% believe the leaks are authentic, while 32.7% of the population doubts them. 55% of Brazilians surveyed condemn Moro’s relationship with the Lava Jato prosecutors, while 31.2% think it was correct.

47.8% of those surveyed support the right of Intercept journalist Glenn Greenwald to stay in Brazil while 29.7% believe he should be deported.

The survey was conducted on July 28th and 29th, with a representative sample group of 2000 and has a +-2% margin of error.

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