We are all under threat, Marielle’s death must unify the left

By Pablo Villaça. Text translated with omission of author.

From today – and until the situation changes in the country – I will cease my criticisms of our left comrades, no matter how different we may be. I am PSOL, I am PT, I am PCdoB, I am PSTU, I am PCB, I am PCO; I am Lula, Manuela, Boulos, Ciro. I am even Diário do Centro do Mundo, Luciana Genro and Pablo Capilé.

The death of Marielle, designed as an open execution to frighten those who are on her side, has to have the opposite effect: that of unity on the left. If it was not long clear that the other side has no scruples or limits, this became even more evident not only with the murder of the councilwoman, but with the celebration by sociopaths on social networks (and imagine these people armed like Bolsonaro, MBL and the Bullet Caucus want).

If this union was possible in Portugal, why would not it be possible here? Especially after what happened last night?

Understand: we are all under threat. All of us. As pointed out on Twitter, if they killed a woman elected with 46,000 votes, they will not hesitate to eliminate anyone else.

And since violence is not a solution – and do not be deceived, no matter how disgusting they are: It is NOT – the only possible alternative is union. We are many, and together we are a wall of lead; separated, pulverised, we are dandruff on the shoulder of the right.

Dandruff you can cast away with a nod; the lead wall is very difficult to knock down.

The correct way forward is obvious.


By Pablo Villaça

Pablo Villaça is a writer and a film critic. His film website, Cinema em Cena, is the oldest one in Brazil and was created in 1997. He teaches film theory all over the country, has published two books and written/directed two short films.