Lula to Biden: Convene Emergency Covid-19 Summit Now

In a March 17 interview with US news network CNN, Brazil’s former president Lula called on US President Joe Biden to convene a special emergency Covid-19 summit of G20 leaders with one purpose: to facilitate the vaccination of the whole world, not just wealthy nations.

On March 14, Brasil Wire revealed that the previous US administration had pressured the Bolsonaro regime to refuse the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

In an intervew with Christiane Amanpour, Lula remarked that the United States now has a surplus of vaccine doses and suggested that these should be donated to countries that needed them most, “…to Brazil or to poorer countries which cannot afford to buy them.”

“One suggestion that I would like to make to President Biden through your program is: it’s very important to call a G20 meeting urgently”, Lula insisted, “it’s important to call the main leaders of the world and put around the table just one thing, one issue. Vaccine, vaccine and vaccine!”

“The responsibility to international leaders is tremendous so I’m asking President Biden to do that because I can’t. I don’t believe in my government. And so, I couldn’t ask of that for Trump, but Biden is a breath  for democracy in the world.”

Lula also commented on his own potential presidential run at the 2022 election.

“When it comes the moment to run for the elections, and if my party and the other allied parties understand that I could be the candidate, and if I’m well and my health with the energy and power that I have today, I can reassure you that I will not deny that invitation, but I don’t want to talk about that. That’s not my main priority. My main priority now is to save this country.”