Assassination plot against PSOL Congressman Freixo

Reports have emerged that PSOL’s newly elected Federal Deputy, Marcelo Freixo, elected in October is the target of an assassination plot by a paramilitary group from Rio de Janeiro’s West Zone.

“This isn’t a threat against Freixo, but against Democracy. The Democratic State.” said the Federal Deputy elect.

Rio de Janeiro Civil Police intercepted militia plans to assassinate the current State Representative Marcelo Freixo (PSOL). Three men, one military police and two tradesmen, linked to a Militia group from the West Zone of Rio, would be involved in the plan. The same group is being investigated for the killing of councilwoman Marielle Franco (PSOL) and her driver Anderson Gomes earlier this year.

Freixo’s assassination, according to the document, would have taken place during an agenda scheduled by the congressman for next Saturday (15), where he was to meet with militants and teachers at their union building.

The federal deputy was elected in October with the second largest vote in Rio de Janeiro. He canceled his agenda as soon as he learned of the new threats, and expressed his shock that these Militias remain “on the loose, threatening and killing.”

“It is not a threat to Freixo, but to democracy, to the democratic state, not a personal matter, it is much more than that. The West Zone is now being governed by crime” said the PSOL deputy, who has suffered hundreds of threats and plans to assassinate him over the past decade.





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