Exclusive features, culture, documentary, discourse and analysis on Brasil in English.

Brasil Wire is hosted & published in the European Union.

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What is Brasil Wire?

Brasil Wire is an online opinion & culture magazine, reporting on Brasil in English, hosted & published in the European Union. Brasil Wire in no way seeks to influence opinion in Brasil but aims to offer an independent view of society and culture in Brasil for an English speaking audience.

Why was Brasil Wire established?

Brasil is an vast and diverse country with a unique history. Unfortunately it is very difficult to write effectively on Brasil without a significant amount of context. Brasil Wire aims to fill this gap by providing news and views on Brasil that place the country’s history at the heart of the conversation.

For best use of limited resources, Brasil Wire focuses on topics either ignored or misrepresented in corporate media.

Who are Brasil Wire?

Brasil Wire is a collaborative platform for interested contributors.

Who funds Brasil Wire?

Currently Brasil Wire currently has no external funding.

Brasil Wire does however accept PayPal and Patreon donations to help support the project.

Is Brasil Wire linked to any political group, NGO or private organisation?

No. Brasil Wire has no links to any political parties, Non Governmental Organisations, private organisations or corporate media, Brazilian or foreign. Brasil Wire is completely independent.

Does Brasil Wire have a political position?

Yes. The editorial position of Brasil Wire is democratic and progressive, but not dogmatic.

*Brasil Wire are always seeking to maintain editorial quality – should you have any numerical or factual corrections for any of the material published, please make contact  using the form above.