Lost Samba

Lost Samba

A serialisation of Richard S. Klein's Brasil Memoir

Rio de Janeiro born, to Jewish immigrant parents who travelled to South America following World War II, Richard S. Klein’s Lost Samba is part personal memoir, part document of the birth of modern Brasil, through his childhood in the 1960s & 1970s, up to the symbolic end of Military Rule in 1985.

Now based in London, Richard has joined Brasil Wire as a contributing editor, and his fascinating first person account of both a dark and an exciting period for the country is available now on Amazon/Kindle.

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The latest chapter of Lost Samba is below, with previous chapters listed in descending order after.



Part 24 – The transition to democracy breathes new life into the Brazilian society. I spend a very special summer in the Hippy-like region of the South of Bahia.






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