Djamila Ribeiro, 37, is currently one of the most popular writers and public figures in the Afro-Brazilian woman’s rights movement. She was born into …


In 2006, Globo TV’s senior news editor Ali Kamel wrote a book called “We are not racists“, in which he argued that, despite all …


Update 7/10/17: The Campaign has issued a response to the person responsible for Bolsonaro’s invitation Dr. Mark Langevin, a specialist on US-Brazil energy relations …


UPDATE 3/10/17: Jair Bolsonaro has been prosecuted and fined R$50,000 for his racial slur against Quilombola communities. A campaign has been launched to urge …


By Patricia Azevedo Boyd In Brazil, racial issues are complex and contentious but very important to talk about. The tendency has been to pretend …




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