By Tiago Rodrigues Santos Since 1984, the MST (Movimento Sem Terra or Landless Rural Workers’ Movement) has voluntarily built 1500 public schools in its …


A theatre play that mocks the violence of the Military Police was interrupted by the Military Police itself, indicative of a dark moment — Brazil’s flirtation …


Military Police repression of Anti-Coup protest in São Paulo, 31/8/2016

When former military dictatorship official Michel Temer became interim president, through what is increasingly appearing to be a fraudulent impeachment process, many people feared …


On May 25 leaders of the Koch brothers-associated organization Movimento Brasil Livre met with Senator Alvaro Dias from the PSDB party to talk about …


The Brazilian organized or “popular” left is made up of labour unions, poor people’s social  movements, women’s and Afro-Brasilian movements, religious base organizations and …




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