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Alfredo has degrees in Economics from the Universities of Brasilia (Brazil) and London (SOAS). He has worked in universities and research institutions based in Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mozambique, Switzerland and the UK, and was a senior economic affairs officer at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). His research interests include the political economy of development, industrial policy, neoliberalism, alternative economic policies, Latin American political and economic development, inflation and stabilisation, and the labour theory of value and its applications.

Alfredo Saad-Filho 23 May 2017. Originally published at OpenDemocracy. “Out with Temer – direct elections now!”. Amid meltdown in Brazil, the left calls for democracy, while …


Every so often, the bourgeois political system runs into crisis. The machinery of the state jams; the veils of consent are torn asunder and …


“Brazil: Social Change from Import-Substitution to Neoliberalism and the ‘Events of June’” By Alfredo Saad Filho originally published at Introduction [1] Large demonstrations …